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Critters & Conservation

Critters & Conservation's services:
•  Live animal show - interactive presentation for all ages
•  Field trip visit to your location
•  "Animal Adventures" camp at Jefferson Cty Parks & Rec
•  Pet sitting in your home or ours
•  Consults to set up proper care requirements for exotic animals
•  Private tours (for up to 6 people) of our animals and facility

Our live animal show is for any event or location - schools, birthday parties, scouts, libraries, festivals, field days, open houses, family reunions, picnics, in-house field trips, and more!

Contact Critters & Conservation by email at or 304-725-3200.

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Our live animal presentations are more than just a traveling zoo! We are a licensed, insured provider of hands-on animal education for all ages. There's no better way to learn about the fascinating creatures we share this planet with than up close and personal. Our animal educator, Melissa Kowalski, has a love for teaching, as well as a love for young learners.  She is patient and provides gentle guidance for people of all ages.

Learn about bringing the field trip to you!

We don't really have a bus, because we don't need one. We bring 5 animals to you in a high MPG, compact car, so you don't have to bring your bus. It's a win-win-win situation for all of us:  us, you, and the environment!

Our central focus is on making education fun.  Our presentations cover animal behavior, basic biology, the food web, native environments, animal jobs, vertebrate/invertebrates, animal adaptations, and the importance of biodiversity and conservation. Most of our animals can be pet, held, or fed by participants during presentations. We'll bring our live animal shows to your birthday party, school, library, fair, open house, scouts, or any other celebration. We travel throughout Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Critters & Conservation's goal is to help young people grow up to respect all animals and appreciate animals' jobs within their ecosystems.  More on our philosophies.

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We also speak Spanish!  También, hablamos español.

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