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Let us bring the field trip to you!

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint by having the field trip come to you!

Field trips are customized for your needs - science lessons, field days, cultural fairs, festivals, back to school events, open house, camps, fundraisers, and more.

For larger groups, we recommend scheduling back-to-back one hour presentations with five animals, for up to 100 people.  Each presentation is $175, but save 10% when booking more than one show for the same day and location. Attendees have the option of petting one animal as they exit.

For smaller groups up to 20 people, attendees have the opportunity to pet or feed all five of the animals.  This intimate setting allows hands-on interaction for those wanting to get up close and personal with the critters.  These one hour presentations also cost $175; and the 10% discount still applies.

Whatever your needs - large or small groups or some of both - we are happy to accommodate your budget and educational goals.  For more information, email us or call 304-725-3200 or 202-491-5998.

Some of the in-house field trips we have participated in...

  • Lessons on hibernation for schools and libraries
  • A school's multi-cultural open house, featuring animals from Australia
  • Science lessons on vertebrates vs. invertebrates
  • A student reward program for an elementary school
  • "One World, Many Stories" programs for libraries, featuring animals from six of the seven continents
  • A lesson on insect eaters for kindegartners
  • Our "herps" special for a library summer program, featuring reptiles and amphibians exclusively
  • Career day at a middle school, discussing careers working with animals
  • Science lessons on insects and spiders
  • A seminar on animals that lay eggs
  • "Animals from Africa," "Animals from Asia," and "Australian Animals" for a Montessori school




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