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2014-11-07 08:54 hour
aanrechtblad ( usa , United States ) raza1472 <at> yahoo <dot> com

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2014-10-22 22:40 hour
Ethan Harry ( United States ) ethanharry4 <at> gmail <dot> com

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2014-10-06 04:01 hour
lojane ( USA , USA ) lojane4444 <at> gmail <dot> com

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2014-09-24 05:40 hour
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2014-07-29 00:10 hour
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2014-07-21 04:04 hour
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2014-07-18 23:14 hour ( Austin , U.S )

I'm Tony. Hope I could find some new buddies here.

2014-07-16 05:35 hour
college admissions essays dwxsxdwsd <at> gmail <dot> com

Vielen Dank für enthüllt die Informationen, die Sie haben und Ihr Weblog; das ist einfach, wenn auch herausragende Post und entdecken Sie diese fabelhafte Website. Ich habe nie gesehen, Ich mag diese Ich habe gelernt, etwas, was Sie noch heute! Beifall für write-up.

2013-09-22 09:12 hour
Marilyn Hoyt ( Texas , USA ) cascabelpepper <at> hotmail <dot> com

I love to read about the Greys and their antics. Keep writing about them!

2011-10-12 19:57 hour
melissa segura ( charles town , usa )

It is so nice to see your blog, thanks for sharing. I would love to subscribe. Thanks

2011-10-12 13:13 hour
Katie ( USA )

:D I also wish you a good time!

2011-04-14 22:02 hour
Tara Murray ( MA , USA )

Melissa, Your website is wonderful! I have of course looked before, but it has so much more and the pictures are so wonderful. Your animals are so beautiful. I know that you are in your element and I am so happy for you. Too bad I am not closer to you! I would be at your side - fellow cousin and animal lover!! Keep up the great work! Good luck. Tara

2011-01-29 04:04 hour
Gert Schmucker ( Stuttgart , Germany )

My language is German. Therefore, please excuse spelling errors! You have a beautifully designed homepage! I wish you a good time!

2010-04-24 07:25 hour
Anne Eden ( Shepherdstown Library , U.S.A. ) splchild <at> martin <dot> lib <dot> wv <dot> us

Thanks so very much for the program on "animals emerging from hibernation in the spring" that you presented to 45 children and adults at the Shepherdstown Public Library on April 21, 2010. The audience was delighted at the chance to see your Eastern Box Turtle, two Northern Leopard Frogs, and Praying Mantis up close. It was a wonderfully interactive show: you asked as many questions of the kids, as they did of you. Bringing a stack of three different copyright-free coloring sheets and a bottle of hand sanitizer was helpful and generous. We are looking forward to your next presentation for us on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at the Shepherdstown Train Station at 10:30 a.m. when you will bring a parrot, skink, hedgehog, hissing cockroaches, and python. As always, your presentation is sure to combine warmth, humor, and age-appropriate information!

2010-04-12 13:25 hour
Deena ( Frederick, MD , USA )

Love it! Checking it daily. Very entertaining.

2010-04-05 19:09 hour
Sarah P ( WV , USA )

Great Job!!

2009-12-05 20:19 hour
Christine ( WV )

Fantastic website promoting a great idea! What a brilliant combination of talents you have! I hope the shows bring you all the success you deserve, Melissa.

2009-08-24 19:00 hour
Melissa T. ( VA , USA )


Wonderful idea!!! What a beautiful webpage- still haven't read it all, but you know which page I went to first? That cute red lorikeet's (yes) Kisses to "Big D"!

2009-08-24 11:08 hour
Anne Eden ( WV , USA )

After viewing many other educators' websites, yours is more informative and easier to navigate.

2009-08-24 08:56 hour
Bari Drabczyk ( USA )

Hi Melissa,

Wonderful nice...Very professional!

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