Critters & Conservation brings live animal education to you and your guests at any party, meeting, fair, picnic, class, or reunion.

Our focus is on making education fun. Our shows cover animal behavior, basic biology, the food web, biomes, animal jobs, vertebrate & invertebrates, animal adaptations, the importance of biodiversity and conservation, and much more, helping young people grow up to respect animals and their roles in the ecosystem. Our animals can be pet, held, or fed by participants during or after shows. We'll bring the critters to your birthday party, school, library, fair, open house, scout meeting, or any celebration.

Our reptiles, amphibians, insects, mammals, and birds can travel to your home, school, local library, church, park, or place of business to bring learning alive!

We don't have a bus, because we don't need one. We bring the animals to you in a high MPG, compact car, so you don't have to bring your bus. It's a win-win situation for you and the environment!

Please check our prices or contact us for more information


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