Live Animal Presentation

For presentations with up to 20 participants, guests may pet, hold, or feed most animals. For presentations with 20 or more participants, guests may pet one to three animals. Our most popular animal presentation includes 6 animals of your choice and lasts 1 hour. This, and other, options are listed below.

60 minute presentation with 6 animals $285
45 minute presentation with 5 animals $245
30 minute presentation with 4 animals* $175
* Available in combination with other shows or within 20 miles of zip code 25438 ONLY

Block Parties, Festivals , Fairs

2 hours with 8 animals* $480
3 hours with 9 animals* $680
4 hours with 9 animals* $815
5 hours with 10 animals* $950
* Hourly prices include a display and giveaways with an animal educator rotating animals every 15 - 20 minutes for passersby to interact with and learn about.)

Each additional animal requested.......................................................$20 per animal
Each additional animal educator.........................................................$75/hour

All prices include mileage up to 30 miles from zip code 25438. Any additional miles traveled over 30 miles from zip 25438, will be charged at $1.15 per mile.

Please contact us for other options.  We are always flexible; and every presentation is customized to meet your needs.

Book two hours or more and receive a 15% discount across the board!

You pick the animals! Or ask us for suggestions. Questions? Contact us via email or call us at 304-725-3200 or 202-491-5998.

Party Favor bags and Animal Artifacts

Animal-themed party favor bags (includes animal artifacts) $7.50 each
Animal artifacts only (feathers, quills, reptile skin) $2.00 each
Party favors are packed in an animal print bag and include: 1 back-flipping wind-up animal toy, 1 plastic, glow-in-the-dark creepy crawlie, 10 photo stickers of Critters & Conservation animals, 1 mini animal activity coloring book, 6 crayons, 1 animal print pencil, 1 animal print note pad, 1 animal print book mark.
Animal artifacts include:  1 or 2 feathers, 2 hedgehog quills, and 1 piece of snake or lizard skin


Private Tour of the Critters

Bring your family for a private tour of the critters in their home environment! This is a 1.5 hour tour, which includes your choice of animals to interact with - pet, hold, and feed them. Pick as many or as few animals as you like (the fewer animals, the more time you have to interact with each of them; the more animals, the greater the variety). This tour includes full education about each animal. You may also feed a snake if you choose. By reservation only.

1.5 hour tour - maximum of 6 people $300

* Private tour are limited in the number of participants. please contact us for more information

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